Meet our Products #11 | Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to our series „Meet our Products“ where we are talking all about our products and introduce them to you properly! Did you know that the names of our vegan handbag collection come from Hawaiian? Our designer Verena used to work there as a nanny for almost a year and she fell in love with the culture! This is why she decided to pay tribute to her fabulous time there and used Hawaiian words to name her vegan, crueltyfree and sustainable products!

This week it is all about the little sister of our Pouch Bag KAIMANA. We are talking about Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA! After the wild success of our all time favourite sustainable bag we thought it was about time to add to the vegan family and come up with a new bag! Our „little one“ is just as cool as her big sister. To find out why, keep on reading.

Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA

Pouch Bag with cord | inside pocket with zipper | pocket for phone
magnetic key chain | removable shoulder strap

Ever got lost in your bag because you have too much stuff with you? We feel you! Now image there is a bag that holds everything you need and more while still looking small and cute? You don’t think this bag exists?
Well then, meet the Pouch Bag’s little sister! She is smaller, lighter and therefor perfect for every situation that needs a partner in crime. For shopping, party or fun with friends – KEKONA will always be by your side.

What does the name mean?
KEKONA is the Hawaiian word for „little sister“. Since it’s the smaller version of our Pouch Bag KAIMANA, you can probably guess, why it’s called that way? 😉

We took some pictures of our outfits with KEKONA. You will be surprised how versatile this little gem is.

Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA in SILVER


300m_sand_outfit (1)
Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA in SAND


300m_limette_outfit (2)
Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA in LIME
Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA and Pouch Bag KAIMANA in BERRY

As always, thanks for reading! We’re hope you enjoy our take on vegan fashion accessoires. We’d love to welcome you on our


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