Meet our Products #5 | Passport Cover TOKYO

Hey everyone and happy Friday!

Ready for another installment of our new series? If you are new here – welcome! We’re going to let you in on all the details on our products! We are starting everything off with all of our vegan accessories! Did you know we named each of our accessoires after a city that we feel connected to one way or another? To find out what we associate with each town keep on reading!

This week it’s all about our Passport Cover TOKYO! When designing our new line of vegan, upcycled accessoires we wanted to make sure we cover every aspect of our daily lives. Now we don’t travel daily but we do like to visit other countries quite a bit 😉 This is how the idea for a sleek, stylish passport case was born!

Features: large flaps to secure your passport | lightweight and protective
Volume: one passport 😉

Aaah Tokyo… a city that seems so fascinating and fun! We’ve unfortunately never been there but we are dying to dive into this culture! We’re particularly interested in the fashion (of course) and the food! We do like a bit of sushi 😉
That’s only one of the reasons why we decided to name one of our products after this city. Our passport cover TOKYO is the perfect companion for every adventure. It keeps your most important travel document protected while still looking stylish. Bon Voyage!

What can you use it for?
This small little wonder doesn’t only hold your passport – thanks to the large flaps inside you can also stick in some little notes or other little travel documents. Thanks to the sturdy and water-repellent material everything will be well taken care off 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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