Weekly Picks #17 | Getting ready for Summer

Happy Monday guys!

Hope you had a good start into the week! We can’t believe it’s the end of May now but everyone at the office is excited for the warmer months to come. We are slowly getting ready for summer and thought it would be fun to show you, what is on top of our list!

ONE | What colour screams summer more than lime? We have previously declared our love for our Makeup Bag Big LONDON in this blogpost HERE. Lime is a colour that surprises us more and more – it is way more versatile than you think and it is perfect for the upcoming months! That’s why we paired this colour with our new favourite accessory. And voilà – we have ourselves a fun, vegan, sustainable makeup bag/pouch! Shop it here.

TWO | Our vacations (yes multiple!) for summer are booked and we can’t wait to start packing! On top of our list is our Passport Cover TOKYO. It keeps your most important travel document well protected while looking sleek. Gold is another colour we love on bronzed skin in the summer time. So why not use this colour not for jewelry but for a lifestyle accessory? Get yours here!

THREE | We love candy! But we do know it’s not good for us (or our teeth!). So we have been switching to a less unhealthy option and are loving organic fruit bars! We’re keeping them in the fridge for a cooling treat after lunch.

FOUR | Still obsessed with flowers. That will never change. This week we got ourselves some yellow tulips for the office!

FIVE | Nailpolish addicts like us always have to have their nails painted. And who says you can’t use darker colours in summer? Granted, we do love our nudes and pastels for the warmer months but we do like a bit of darkness on our nails once in a while 😉

SIX | Hawaiian Tropic has been our sunscreen of choice for years! The aloe gel is perfect for keeping the skin moisturized and calming it down after a long day in the sun.

SEVEN | Oh and Hawaiian Tropic smells really sweet and like coconut. Do we need to say more? So good!

Weekly Picks 30Mai16

As always, thanks for reading! We’re hope you enjoy our take on vegan fashion accessoires. We’d love to welcome you on our



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