Weekly Picks #16 | Makeup Bag and Girly Things

Welcome back everybody!

It is getting girly here on the blog today 😉 We are talking about one of our favourite things: MAKEUP! And what would a makeup post be without one of our makeup bags? Today we’re going to show you some things that are flowing around in our bag and we’re using every day!

ONE | Pick of the week is our vegan, sustainable Makeup Bag LONDON in SAND! We really adore this colour at the moment. It’s perfect for summer: Understated and sleek. You guys all know by now that we love black but this colour changed our mind. It matches nearly everything and always looks great!

TWO | We can’t get enough of makeup lately! Playing with lots of different colours, textures and products has been so much fun! A special favourite is eyeshaddow. We have tried it in stick form, powder and cream by now.

THREE | Fresh spring colours are not just something we like to wear but also something we like to put on our nails! This bright red has been our go-to lately. It looks sophisticated enough to be worn around the office and for meetings but also is fun to look at!

FOUR | With changing weather we also changed our skincare. Going for lighter textures ensures your skin looks nice and plump and ready to be slathered in makeup 😉

FIVE | We usually are using the same perfume all year round. We do have a few to choose from but „Amor Amor“ from Cacharel is a definite favourite around here.
makeupbag makeup bag verena bellutti

As always, thanks for reading! We’re hope you enjoy our take on vegan fashion accessoires. We’d love to welcome you on our


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