Weekly Picks #13 | Makup Bags and Passport Covers

Happy Monday everyone!

We already miss the weekend 😉
Monday means it’s time for ‚Weekly Picks‘ here on our blog! This time we will be talking about those small little helpers for your handbag!

ONE | Our pick of the week has to be our Makeup Bag Small PARIS! It has been a lifesaver here in the office! As bag-addicts we always struggle to find stuff in our bag. Except for our keys. They are always in place with our magnetic key chain! (shameless plug here) But the other bits and bobs always tend to roll around on the bottom of our handbag and can’t be found. With our Makeup Bag PARIS this won’t happen again! We just keep all of our essentials in there – organizing has never been this easy.

TWO | Everyone in our team has coloured hair so naturally we all need some extra nourishment to take care of those locks. We have been loving the whole Schwarzkopf range recently! It smells heavenly 🙂

THREE | We are still obessed with watches. That will never change. This classic one is our favourite right now.

FOUR | Spring is here (although it did snow last week in Innsbruck…) and we love a healthy glow on our faces! We’ve been using Laura Mercier’s radiance primer and it looks great on the skin!

FIVE| Dainty jewelry – do we need to say more? It’s so classic and chic. LOVE!

SIX | Warmer weather means we are already planning our spring and summer vacations! With our Passport Cover TOKYO you’re all set to go.

Weekly Picks 2Mai16.jpg

As always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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