Verena Bellutti iPad Mini Case

Weekly Picks #12 | Green,White and Silver

Hello everyone,

are you ready for another „Weekly Picks“ post? We sure are! Spring is in full swing here in Austria and we are happy to wear and use colourful accessoires every day! This week we kept it quite simple though and let our iPad Mini Case NEW YORK be the star.

ONE | Your tech equipment will be perfectly protected with our new cases! We can’t get enough of our iPad Mini right now because it’s small and fits in almost every bag! Our case NEW YORK will keep it protected perfectly while still looking sleek and fun in the colour LIME. Get yours HERE.

TWO | Fresh white roses are everywhere in our office and homes right now. So beautiful and they smell amazing!

THREE | We absolutely adore stacking lots of bracelets with our watch for spring and summer! this dainty one with pearls we got in Hawaii!

FOUR | Who can resist marble? We sure can’t – it’s so luxe and adds an interesting texture to our homes and office desks.

FIVE | Meet Mr. Owl! He is our new mascott here at VERENA BELLUTTI HQ. We keep him sat on the window sill from where he makes sure we are working hard 😉

SIX | Speaking of stacking our bracelets – this one from COS is so pretty and we love the  unusual square shape!

SEVEN | Since we are pros at writing TO DO lists by now we need pens that don’t smudge and are really opaque. Schneider’s pens are our favourites.

Verena Bellutti iPad Mini CaseAs always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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