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Hello everyone!

Have a great start into your weekend! Before you head off into your well deserved time off, have a look at those great outfits you can wear in your spare time or to work. POPSUGAR has collected 47 Spring outfits, that will make you look good wherever you go. You can have a look at the pictures HERE.

One look that caught our eye in particular was the one you can see below by Aimee Song. We have been following Aimee’s blog for years and are big fans of her style! In this case she paired a powdery-hued suit with a simple white tshirt and a pastel clutch.
You might have read our other posts where we talk about pastel hues (HERE and HERE) – we absolutely adore them at the moment. Below you can find more options out of our collection.


Aimee Song – Photo by Style du Monde

As we mentioned above, we can’t get enough of pastel colours for this spring. Luckily we have some bags in our collection that fit the bill perfectly. Have a look:

Fashion Friday 22April16

(clockwise from left to right)
Shopper KALEA | Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA | Tote Bag NOHEA | Clutch KAIA

Beige and blue go perfectly with any pastel look. Why? Beige is a neutral colour, meaning it will not overpower any other colour in your outfit. Pastel blue (or Serenity, how everybody calls it now) balances out every other pastel hue – just like jeans it goes with every colour.

As always, thanks for reading!
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