Weekly Picks #11 | Neutral Tones and Dainty Jewelry

Hello hello and happy Monday everybody!

We are ready to start the week

ONE | Our Makeup Bag Big LONDON is the perfect accessoire for spring: Lightweight, simple and it holds all your essentials without looking too overdone. Plus the golden colour gives it something special.

TWO | Sunglasses in a timeless shape – what else could you want for those first rays of spring sunshine?

THREE | We have been traveling a lot lately – which has resulted in carrying our passport everywhere. We especially love it if the case (our Passport Cover TOKYO) matches the bag.

FOUR | Every girl has the same problem – it seems like the things we carry around with us get lost somewhere deep in the bag. This is why we have started organizing our stuff in small pouches. This way we can find everything in a few seconds. Our Makeup Bag Small PARIS does what the name suggests – it holds your essentials while still looking chic.

FIVE | Dainty jewelry has alsways been one of our favourite ways to accessorize. This long necklace is perfect to layer other jewelry on top or worn alone.

SIX | This is the second time this watch has made an appearance (you might have seen it last week HERE). No wonder – we still are fascinated by the mesh design. How convenient to know we have a whole line of bags made out of vegan mesh tarpaulin 😉 You can shop all of them HERE.

SEVEN | And finally on the jewelry front we have lots and lots of dainty silver rings. Our favourite ones come from Austrian jewelry designer katie g.!

EIGHT | White roses are one of our most loved flowers, especially this time of year. They are simple yet sophisticated and give our office and home a nice touch.

Weekly Picks 11April16.jpg

As always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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