Weekly Picks #10 | Powerful Accessoires

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a very special edition of „Weekly Picks“ here on VERENA BELLUTTI. This week we finally are revealing our brand new accessoires collection! To celebrate we didn’t pick one but TWO very special pieces from our upcoming line.

ONE | May we present: Our brand new Laptop Sleeve 13″ named VIENNA! The name is a tribute to our home country’s capital which we love dearly. The product itself uses a special foam which protects your laptop perfectly while looking stylish.

TWO | You travel a lot? Then this next product will be for you. Our Passport Cover TOKYO will be your best friend while traveling. It is sturdy enough to make sure nothing happens to your passport and leaves enough room to add in some additional small documents.

THREE | Pens are a must here at VERENA BELLUTTI HQ – we use them to plan meetings, design new bags and write lists. Now if we could just figure out why they always get lost… 😉

FOUR | Mesh is a texture we absolutely adore – you can have a look at our collection of mesh bags HERE. No wonder we fell for this beautiful watch with its mesh wristband!

FIVE | The sun is finally out again here in Austria! That means we finally can rock those sunglasses we purchased in the Winter months.

SIX | We love to write TO-DO lists at work! It keeps us organized and on top of things. We like to go oldschool and use a pen and notbook to write everything down. This marble one is our newest obession.

SEVEN | Now you might be thinking, „Why the heck is there a screwdriver in the picture?“ Honestly? We just thought it looked cool 😉

Weekly Picks 4April16.jpg


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