Fashion Friday | Seoul Style Inspiration

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! We are really excited for the weekend this week. Before we head off into the sunshine (how cheesy) we wanted to share this article with you we found on WGSN.

Asia is a continent which has so much to offer! We absolutely love to travel there and experience the different cultures including the food, the music, the people and most of all the fashion. All of us here at VERENA BELLUTTI have been to Asia a couple times including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

One country that is on top of our list is South Korea. Did you know that one of our colleagues used to study Korean for three years but has never been to South Korea? That definitely needs to change, especially after seeing those cool and quirky streetstyles at Seoul Fashion Week! Have a look at them HERE.

Two accessoires you can see the most are backpacks and small crossbody bags. Those are the two styles we love the most right now as well. First of all they are practical because you can keep your hands free and second you and secondly you add any colour to the outfit without it being to overpowering. Why? Because the backpacks are – well – on your backs and won’t be seen immediately and the crossbody bags are small enough to add a pop of colour without it being the main focus.

Our Bucket Bag Kaimana can easily be used as a backpack. A small strap at the back of the bag transforms your favourite pouch into a great new accessoire. We especially love the copper one for Spring! Shop it HERE.


Another one we absolutely adore is our Box Bag LELANI. It looks smart, fits a lot of our stuff and still looks small and dainty. It also comes with two different straps (think and thick) that you can swap out depending on your mood and outfit. You can get your very own Box Bag HERE.


As always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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