Weekly Picks #9 | Clutches, Coffee and Cameras

Hi everyone and welcome back!

As always we have bundled up the best of the last seven days for you. Here are the top 5 things we have been loving in the past couple of days/weeks.

ONE | Our bag of the week is our Clutch KAIA in MARSALA! Last years colour of the year was a big hit and we still love it a lot. If you are thinking of getting this bag – be quick! There are only limited quanities in stock and after they are gone, the colour won’t come back! Get yours HERE.

TWO | Style du Monde is Belgium’s first streetstyle website and shows stylish people from all around the globe. If you have been reading our blog, you will have seen that we love using their pictures in some of our posts! If you do the same, make sure you reference appropriately and link back to their site.

THREE | As most of you know all of our products are vegan and crueltyfree. Naturally we also love makup lines that follow the same principles. Essence is a brand that we have been using for years – not only because of their affordable price tag but also because of their beautiful products and crueltyfree philosophy. The VELVET STICKS MATT are absolutely beautiful!

FOUR | If you follow us on Instagram (you definitely should – shamless plug here), you will have seen that we have been really busy in the last couple of days to prepare a HUGE launch! We will be launching our new ACCESSOIRE LINE soon! This is why we have been taking lots and lots of photos – and we love it! (Photo from Unsplash)

FIVE | Because we have been so busy and working a lot on our newest products we haven’t gotten as much sleep as we wanted to. Therefor coffee has been our best friend – a quick (N)espresso (see what we did there?) in the morning did the trick and kept us going! (Photo from Unsplash)

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As always, thanks for reading!
We’d love to welcome you on our


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