Fashion Friday | Spring 2016 Trend Report

Happy Friday!

We are excited to share the big VOGUE Spring 2016 Trend Report with you all! As you guys know, we absolutely love fashion, design and styling. That doesn’t mean we are following every trend there is but we are trying to incorporate some of the styles/trends that we love.

This season’s trends are all over the place. You can find anything from silver clothing and accessoires to romatic florals all the way to sparkly items and comfortable street fashion. The four trends we liked the most out of Vouge’s report are SILVER, SPARKLY, ROMANTIC and STREET, because they all represent our bags in a certain way.

SILVER | Right from the beginning we used silver tarpaulin to help make our vision come to live. Did you know that one of the first VERENA BELLUTTI products ever made was silver? We have always loved the metallic look to give our outfit something special.

SPARKLY | Now technically we don’t have a sparkly bag in our collection BUT we rely on all of our metallic tarpaulins (you can get them in silver, copper and gold) to get that extra bit of sparkle. Those bags look especially nice in the sun or out and about in the club with cool lighting!

ROMANTIC | If you love romance you are definitely right here at VERENA BELLUTTI. Our bags complement every floral and delicate outfit perfectly. Their texture is unique and will create an amazing effect. Plus the bags are available in 20 colours – some of them are extra romantic like berry, silverbeige or serenity.

STREETWEAR | Now this is right up our street! You guys know we have been doing our feature called „Streetstyle Wednesday“ over on our Facebook page for a while now. We love using more relaxed clothing pieces and mixing them with sophisticated or classic clothing items.

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Fashion Friday 26Feb16

 We’d love to welcome you on our


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