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Fashion Friday | Jewel Tones for Spring

Welcome back guys!

This week’s „Fashion Friday“ is all about colourful accessories! Although we all love a good monochrome or even all-black outfit here at VERENA BELLUTTI HQ, we can’t help but get excited about colours for spring! We adore beautiful shades of red, green, blue, yellow, orange and pink to spruce up any outfit!

Lucky for us, all those colours will be all the rage for spring 2016! While we don’t follow every fashion trend there is, we certainly are happy when the things we love and wear are on trend 😉 Read more about it HERE.

Jewel tones and golden hues are going to be a big hit in the upcoming months. Berry, navy, gold and dark green seem an unusual choice for the spring season but they all give your outfit a sophisticated touch. With a bag by VERENA BELLUTTI you won’t only get this season’s most popular colours, you’ll also get a product that has been hand-made with love in the EU and is sustainable and vegan.

Plus all of our bags are available in Pantone’s Colour of the Year SERENITY! You can check out our blog post about that HERE.

We’d love to welcome you on our

pouch bags spring trends
spring trends bags
Pouch Bag Mini KEKONA in GOLD and our Weekender KAWIKANI in COPPER
bags spring trends green
Box Bag LELANI and Clutch KAIA in GREEN
Weekender KAWIKANI in BLUE


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